Addiction is a family disease, and the entire family suffers from its effects. If family members are to recover as well as the patient, they too need our help and support.

Therefore, our unique Family Program is a core component at Sanctuary at the Lake. It is specially designed for the people whose lives have been most intimately affected by the primary patient's chemical dependency. Our family program was designed and is facilitated by our pscyhologist, John Arnold, PhD.

Our unique two-day program helps the family experience recovery independent from the patient. It educates the family and helps them prepare for new growth. It also assists patients and families in establishing relationships that support a chemically free lifestyle. The Family Program will:

  • Validate family members' experience in attempting to cope with active chemical dependency
  • Provide opportunity for family members to talk about experiences
  • Assist family members to develop strategies for coping with the preoccupation, uncertainty and worry they may experience during the patient's early recovery period
  • Provide a non-threatening opportunity for family members and patients to begin to reestablish family ties
  • Allow family an opportunity to voice questions, concerns, fears and hopes to the patient and dialogue about these issues
  • Identify effective and constructive ways for family members to communicate with the patient
  • Assist family members as they prepare to cope with early sobriety and constructively support the recovery of the patient

We recognize addiction recovery is a lifelong process. Therefore, the therapeutic program at Sanctuary at the Lake continues to meet the needs of our patients after they are discharged.

When a patient is ready to be discharged, our staff will continue to work closely with the patient to facilitate the aftercare plan, allowing for a smooth transition and optimize long-term recovery success.

Each patient's discharge plan is unique and tailored to his or her specific needs.

Sanctuary at the Lake offers the Alumni Connect Program as a way for patients to keep in touch and a place to receive ongoing recovery support.


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